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Resistance Bands

Seafoam Green - Heavy Long Band

Bloom by Chloe

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Seafoam Green - Heavy Long Band
Seafoam Green - Heavy Long Band

This is a long resistance band with heavy resistance! Great for both intermediate and advanced fitness levels. We like to use this band for squats, bicep curls, good mornings, bent rows, lunges, bulgarian split squats, and SO much more!

This can be used for assisted pull-ups, chin-ups, or tricep dips, but is recommended for intermediate or advanced levels with those movements. Our long resistance bands are made from a woven cloth material, and are perfect for gym or home workouts. These high quality bands are built to last, meaning you won’t have to worry about them stretching, snapping, or tearing. This band also has two rubber strips on the inside to prevent slipping and sliding!

Band Circumference: 79-80 inches

Trust us when we say these bands will change your workouts forever. Questions? Email them to us at support@bloombychloe.com! *all sales are final*

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