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Shibori Glute Band - Extra Light

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Shibori Glute Band - Extra Light
Shibori Glute Band - Extra Light
Shibori Glute Band - Extra Light

Our Shibori band is an Extra Light Resistance Glute Band! This is great for both beginners and those who are more advanced in their fitness journeys. We like to use this band for clams, lying abductor kicks, kneeling kickbacks, delt external presses, and so much more! This is 1" thinner than our other glute bands, making it our stretchiest one yet.

  • Made from a woven fabric material
  • One rubber strip on the inside to prevent sliding and rolling
  • Features a rubber Bicah by Chloe logo that matches the colors in the band
  • Comes with a FREE matching mesh carrying bag
  • Can be worn around your legs for lower body movements or around your arms for upper body movements
  • Built to last - these won't stretch, snap, or tear on you

Trust us when we say these bands will change your  workouts forever. Questions? Email them to us at! *all sales are final*

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